The context of the Open City alludes in many ways to a certain view of architecture. Sand dunes act, in the art and architecture of the Valparaiso School, as a metaphor for something which is in a way abstract and ambiguous: constantly losing their form and being reshaped. Tracks disappears on ground which shifts, constituting a kind of halfway state between dry land and water. In a metaphorical sense, the group associated this constant re-shaping with the recovery of a state of innocence in the face of things, with the capacity to surprise permanently, exemplified in the wish to “volver a no saber”, -to return to not knowing.

The architecture of Hospederia de las Alas aims to capture this spirit by virtue of the capacity of the simplest of elements, -the standard dimension plank, to transform into dynamic, unexpected shapes. Its sole task is to shelter, providing a place to dwell for a few minutes or an hour, -over the night if the weather is good. It shelters by folding around and in a sense embracing the inhabitant, -like pair of giant, gentle wings. Every element is a part of the embrace, essential in defining the space, all part of, and defined by, one single system.

The spectacle of the surroundings is filtered away, lending greater emphasis to the more subtle effects of the context. Light trickles in, defining shadows which subtly changes the space every minute of the day. A glimpse of the condors circling the wetlands or the horses grazing in the meadow allows for a wandering mind and for peaceful contemplation. Sand deposits in the gaps between floorboards, the precence of the sea is felt by a breeze, by the sounds, the temperature and humidity.

Project title: Hospederia de las Alas
Construction year: 
Anders Svendsen Almesveen, Maria Mariana Calvete da Cunha Pereira, Nora Aurora Hallgren, Edda Johanna Jonsdottir, Rasa Morazaite, Benjamin Norouzi
Christian Hermansen, Michael Hensel, Solveig Sandnes, David Jolly
Students from Chile: 
Marta Alpuim, Maria Jose Dominguez, Milena Hayvar, Astrid Johnsen, Donald Mc Leod, Daniela Molina, Alex Olazo, Ana Belen Oyarzun, Hugo Pajarito, Paulina Pinto, Paz Plaza, Sebastian Rodriguez, Estelle Roman, Sally Sade, Pablo Vasquez

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